April antics

Here are a few notes for you before the AGM this week. Dumping donated goods outside gates We have previously asked Owners to cease dumping clothing and other donated goods outside our gates. This practice is unacceptable for reasons already given. This morning we see furniture left there which Big Brothers have refused to pick […]

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February frivolity

Recycling, garbage and organics It has been observed that some owners are putting out their garbage and recycling before it is permitted under our Bylaws. The Bylaw states: 34 – Garbage disposal – An owner, tenant or occupant shall remove ordinary household refuse and garbage and deposit it in a secured container for pick-up curb […]

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End-of-year notes

A few more notes before the end of the year. 24th avenue entrance gate We will be sending out a separate email shortly about distributing new remote control openers for the 24th Avenue entrance gate to Owners with older, analogue remotes. Please look out for that email and reply to it if you need a […]

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December doodads

We have a few notices for your attention. Council meeting rescheduled The next Council meeting has been rescheduled from 21 December to 14 December. It will still take place in the clubhouse at 7:00 pm. Snow and ice clearance Council has received a number of emails expressing concern with the slippery conditions on the roads. […]

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Bridge lessons at the clubhouse

Anyone interested in taking some bridge lessons (some knowledge of Bridge is a prerequisite) please contact Audrey Newton 604 535 7093. There are two sessions: FOCUS ON BIDDING (6 lessons) 1NT-Stayman 1NT-Jacoby Transfers 2NT and 2C openers Slams-Blackwood and Gerber Preempts- weak 2 and weak 3 Doubles-penalty, take-out, negative These will take place on Tuesday […]

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