April antics

Here are a few notes for you before the AGM this week. Dumping donated goods outside gates We have previously asked Owners to cease dumping clothing and other donated goods outside our gates. This practice is unacceptable for reasons already given. This morning we see furniture left there which Big Brothers have refused to pick […]

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Upcoming Annual General Meeting next week

Attached please find the AGM package for the Annual General Meeting that will take place at the clubhouse of Peninsula Village on Wednesday 26 April 2017. It differs slightly from the version sent via postal mail by Leonis Management because they didn’t use the final drafts of the minutes of the Special General Meetings that […]

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Painting information

Dear Owners: Council would like to offer some follow-up to the “townhall” (information) meeting and again express Council’s gratitude to the ownership for their keen support at the meeting. Since the meeting there has been another paint company interview scheduled. We will soon be in a position to hire our painting company based on an […]

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Lot numbers versus unit numbers

Council apologises for any confusion created in the minutes of the 14 December 2016 Council meeting in referring to “long-outstanding Bylaw fines against strata lot 48 that remain unpaid.” Lot 48 is not unit 48. Unit 48 (strata lot 52) does not have any outstanding fines or charges. For a list of unit numbers and […]

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Gate opener wrap-up

Council would like to provide some explanations in regard to the confusion that has existed about the gate opener fobs (clickers). The gate opening equipment consists of both an analogue and digital signal operation. In March/April owners began to experience problems opening the 152nd gate which resulted in the distribution of over 100 new digital […]

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End-of-year notes

A few more notes before the end of the year. 24th avenue entrance gate We will be sending out a separate email shortly about distributing new remote control openers for the 24th Avenue entrance gate to Owners with older, analogue remotes. Please look out for that email and reply to it if you need a […]

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Malfunctioning gate, etc.

24th Avenue gate and old clickers/remotes Old-style analogue remote gate openers are — unexpectedly at this time — no longer working with the gate at 24th Avenue. As an interim measure while we determine what to do about this, we have created a temporary key-less gate access code that you can use to open the […]

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December doodads

We have a few notices for your attention. Council meeting rescheduled The next Council meeting has been rescheduled from 21 December to 14 December. It will still take place in the clubhouse at 7:00 pm. Snow and ice clearance Council has received a number of emails expressing concern with the slippery conditions on the roads. […]

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