Painting preparation

Dear owners,

The painters will be ready to start painting within the next couple of days, once the weather warms up a bit. This is a reminder to all owners to take out all screws, nails, hooks, hose reels, screen door(s) and any other attachments from the outside gutters, walls, window frames and ledges around your unit.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.


The Strata Council

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May mastications

Three notes for you.

Garage door openers

Door Care will only be starting this project after the painting project is complete, probably in June. Robyn at Door Care will be contacting those Owners who signed up for openers to set up installation dates and to confirm choices and options. They accept payment by cheque, Visa or MasterCard.

Topsoil delivery

The second load of topsoil will be delivered on Monday 15 May. As before, it will be dropped in several strategic locations around the complex.

Website password

To avoid confusion in the long term — and probably to create some in the short term — the password to access the Documents page on the website has been changed to use all capital letters. The password is the same as previously distributed via email, just with all of the letters capitalised.

It is expected that this will not change again in the foreseeable future. However, for easy future reference the current password will be in the footer of all mass emails.

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Hardware for new doors

Herb on the maintenance committee has installed the new hardware on his door at unit 50. He invites Owners to stop by and have a look at it, any time.

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Various Block Watch announcements

We’re a little behind on getting these out, for which we apologise:

* Help police identify fraudster (with photos)
* First quarter crime statistics 2017
* Upcoming events – May/June

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Instructions from painters

The following are the instructions from the painters:

John Boys Painting & Pressure Washing Ltd.

Dear Residents of Peninsula Village:

We will start washing and painting unit 1-21 on 2 May.

Can you please remove anything away from the building. Can you please cover up anything you don’t want to get wet from pressure washing.

Could you please have your windows and blinds closed for your privacy. All work will take 2-3 weeks weather permitting.

If you have any questions please call John Lingam at 604 760 1430.

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Website updates

In order to make some of the Strata’s documents accessible only to Owners without making them too difficult for Owners to access, we have put a password on just the “Documents” page.

The password has been sent out via email and will also be put in future copies of the minutes and in the footer of mass emails so that it’s readily available to you.

Depending on how your web browser — e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. — is configured, you should only have to enter this password once per session, in other words once between the time you open your browser and when you close it.

The password is the same for all Owners; it is not quite “top secret”, so you can give it to family, realtors, etc.

In other news we’ve also added a page about waste collection to the website. It’s very exciting; you should check it out! 🙂

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Painters start Monday!

Preparatory work for the painting of the complex is scheduled to start on Monday 1 May in Phase 1. The buildings from units 1 to 21 will be power washed, and siding and other wooden areas will be inspected and repaired as necessary. We will have further information before Friday.

If you will be away at any point over the next few weeks when the painters are working on your unit, please leave your house keys with a trusted neighbour who will be here so that your front and garage doors can be worked on.

If you signed up to have a new garage door opener, Dave Arts from Door Care will contact you to arrange that.

See you tonight!

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Annual maintenance report

Attached please find the maintenance committee’s annual report that will be tabled for discussion at tomorrow’s AGM.

A few other notes since yesterday’s email:

See you tomorrow!

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April antics

Here are a few notes for you before the AGM this week.

Dumping donated goods outside gates

We have previously asked Owners to cease dumping clothing and other donated goods outside our gates. This practice is unacceptable for reasons already given. This morning we see furniture left there which Big Brothers have refused to pick up. We would appreciate it if the person who dumped this furniture at the 24th Avenue gate would go back and remove it and dispose of it properly. And in future, please have Big Brothers buzz you from the gate to come into the complex to collect your donations from your unit. Thank-you.

Annual General Meeting

Please remember that the AGM is happening this Wednesday, 26 April, at 7:00 pm at the clubhouse. Sign-in starts at 6:30 pm.

As explained in the AGM package that has been sent out, the agenda is set and follows a fairly standard, set pattern with which we’ve all become familiar. However, please note that there is no requirement for Owners to wait until an AGM to bring up issues for consideration by the Council and the rest of the Owners. These can be brought up the other 364 days of the year by sending email to Council, and there are other provisions of our by-laws and the Strata Property Act by which Owners can bring concerns forward.


We are first on the painter’s list to get this job started, but we do not have a start date yet due to ongoing inclement weather. The hope is that work will begin sometime in May.

Garage sale sign-up sheet

The social committee is arranging a garage sale as they have done in previous years, although this year it is planned that the gates will also be opened to allow outsiders to come in to buy as well. A sign-up sheet has been placed in the clubhouse mail room to see how many Owners are interested in selling their stuff.

Gates locked open

During the sewer pipe work in Phase 4 over the next three days the gates will be locked open during the days to allow the contractor access to the complex.

Marijuana legislation

Concern has recently been expressed about the cultivation and smoking of marijuana in the complex given the federal government’s pending legislation to legalise it. While this is clearly a concern for some Owners, there is no need to rush to put this on the agenda of the AGM in two days. Council does intend to have our by-laws reviewed by a lawyer next year, and such a review will include discussion about whether or not we need to (or even can) make by-laws regarding marijuana cultivation and smoking. The most optimistic estimate in the media is that the new federal legislation will become law next July, and both the by-law review and the next AGM will be under our belts by then so there is no need to rush to do anything before that.

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Upcoming Annual General Meeting next week

Attached please find the AGM package for the Annual General Meeting that will take place at the clubhouse of Peninsula Village on Wednesday 26 April 2017. It differs slightly from the version sent via postal mail by Leonis Management because they didn’t use the final drafts of the minutes of the Special General Meetings that took place this year. That has been corrected in this file.

The attachment contains these documents:

Sign-in starts at 6:30 pm and the meeting proper starts at 7:00 pm.

Please note that we are looking for Owners to volunteer for next year’s Strata Council, particularly someone with organisational and computer skills. Not all members of the current Council will be standing for re-election. Please consider standing for election so that we may maintain the work ethic and level of consultation that has been developed over the last year.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday at the clubhouse.

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