Donated clothing left outside gate

It has been observed recently that a number of Owners have been leaving donated clothing or other goods outside the gates of the complex. This may or may not have been at the request of the agency requesting the donation.

The problem we are experiencing is the clothing is not being picked up in a timely manner by the agency and is being taken by homeless people in the area. Usually the clothing is just dumped in the alley behind London Drugs and the only items taken are what can be sold or used by the homeless person. This creates a clean-up situation for the mall or one of the Owners who happens upon it.

The downside of this is that the donated goods do not reach their intended recipients.

We ask that, when requested by an agency to donate clothing or other goods, you ask the agency to pick up the donated items from within the complex at your unit.

Thank you.

Doug Pawson

LMS 133

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