Miscellaneous miscellanea

A few items of note for you:

Upcoming and ongoing work in the complex

Alarm systems

A few weeks ago there was an incident where a house alarm went off in the middle of the night and continued on for many hours due to the fact that the Owners were away. We ask that those Owners with house alarms please make arrangements with a trusted neighbour, relative or friend to deal with alarms while they are away, to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Recent gutter damage

Following the rain on 6 October, and in the days following, it was discovered that several gutters in Phase One — low unit numbers up by 24th Avenue — had been damaged by a large truck, necessitating almost a thousand dollars in repairs that must be paid for by the Strata because no culprit was reported as having caused the damage. If at any time you notice any kind of vehicle causing damage to buildings or any common property, please record (photographs and licence plate numbers are helpful, of course) and immediately report to Council the details, especially where the vehicles in question may leave, never to be seen by us again.

New entry system and phone list

As indicated in the Council meeting minutes for the last couple of months, we’re recompiling the Owner phone list. This is relevant for a couple of reasons:

Fortis rebate

We’ve been alerted by Geoff in unit 26 to the availability of a rebate from Fortis for the servicing of gas fireplaces completed by 31 October. The servicing of gas fireplaces is an Owner responsibility, and if you’re interested in this programme please look for details on the Fortis website or contact the company you usually use for this service.

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